Artist Statement,

My work is about themes of memory and sensory experience from a perspective shaped by wanderlust and contemplation of the natural world and our place in it.

“Echo in the Half-Light” features works made in the last several months during an artist residency at Eastside International in Los Angeles – an opportunity that has brought with it empowering political experiences, an immersion in the southern California landscape, and solitude.

The title of the show refers to that time of day when the sun disappears and one’s sense of sight is diminished, like a blindness that takes hold as darkness sets in. The echo is the signal that might appear when not looking, a reflection that takes shape in the corner of the eye as perception shifts to the periphery.

I approached this body of work in the spirit of looking for a sign in unsettled times. It marks an important shift as I recalibrate a dialogue between gesture and geometry. The colors come from the green of the hillsides, the pink and yellow flicker of evening light, the silver gray fog and the matte black of darkness. The show includes found paintings picked from the detritus of the studio floor and paintings on canvas with kinetic brush strokes and stains that evoke moments in flux.

As an abstract painter, I look to art history and research from travel, explorations of the city, hikes in the wilderness and connections with people made along the way. I journal to sharpen memory of sensory experiences, then distill these observations into paintings that are imagined gestures of something seen and something felt.