Artist Statement

One of my primary interests in art making is the visual patterns I notice in my surroundings – whether the organic, energetic lines carved into rocks by the process of erosion, informational diagrams such as street grids, or the staid and structured compositions of wallpaper or fabric found on walls and furniture I come across. The symmetry and sequence in these designs have a lyrical and meditative quality, and in some way reflect a sense of structure and stability we look for in our lives. So many shapes in ‘created’ patterns can be found in the natural environment. Organic formations inspire and inform designs within our society, whether functional or decorative. There is a visual organization – extracting animate arrangements and constructing them in a way that offers pleasure, instruction or direction. An expressed and poetic energy is inherent, yet this often goes unnoticed, mainly because patterns are so engrained in our lives, and we simply move too fast to notice them.

My work juxtaposes animate shapes with design elements to explore the direct relationship between our natural and created ‘atmospheres,’ the analytical and sequential accuracy, and order in the mark making. It is an active meditative process. Ultimately, I want to highlight the beauty of configuration and decoration to create space for contemplation.