Artist Statement

I am interested in the visual patterns of my surroundings – particularly those that follow some type of order or repetition, such as wallpaper or street grids. I am drawn to the symmetry and sequence in these designs because, in some way, they reflect the stability we look for in our lives. Shapes within these patterns can be found in the natural environment. There is a visual organization– extracting organic forms and constructing them in a way that offers pleasure, instruction or direction. Perhaps the connection is ambiguous, but natural and organic formations –flora for example– inform and inspire designs within our society, whether functional or decorative. I want to remove some of this ambiguousness by juxtaposing natural shapes with design elements- exploring analytical and sequential accuracy, and order in the mark making. Patterns, ornamental and otherwise, are so ingrained in our lives that we often no longer notice them. My work aims to highlight the beauty of configuration and decoration, to create space for contemplation.