Artist Statement

“I fabricate the chaos from which the viewer’s eye interprets the macro, the micro, and the epic idiosyncratic. Through the repeated marriage of surface and tool, something emerges from nothing, and I begin to form small universes, each a relic of the arduous performance of repeated gestures. I create to reinforce the un-deniability of my own existence. I create to subvert the impermanence of life.

Physically, my wrist is the fulcrum upon which the marks churn forth, a direct line from the mind to the page. Compositionally, the work is pushed right to the radiant edge where creation becomes destruction. Naturally, this is a practice based on endurance. In an endless quest to harness the sublime power of the infinite, I fall ever short. I accept this as a condition of my limitations even as I continue to push those limitations. My work stands as evidence of both my Quixotic ambitions and Sisyphean labor. The energy embedded in each piece is self-evident. ”