Shingo Francis at Sezon Museum of Modern Art

Shingo Francis is included in a 3-person show at the Sezon Museum of Modern Art in Karuizawa, Japan that opens April 21st and runs through September 2nd. Layers of Nature – Beyond the Line will not only include new paintings by Shingo but also works from their collection of his father, Sam Francis. It will be an intriguing dialogue!


Sezon Museum of Modern Art is pleased to announce the exhibition “Layers of nature   —— Beyond the Line” beginning on April, 2018.  This exhibition will be showing: Shingo Francis, an internationally active artist who sets base in Japan and America. Christian Awe, an artist from Berlin, marking his first exposure in a Japanese museum. Sam Francis, one of the most influential abstract artists in America during the 20thcentury. It will be a group exhibition of these three artists.

Shingo Francis captures the natural colors and light into his artworks by coming and going between America and Japan, like if it piles up with our layers of memories sleeping within us, the depth becomes deeper each time it is seen. Moreover, the line that is drawn straight like a horizon makes the boundary of the inner and the outer of the painting vague by the intercourse of the unique colors. What is more, he is going to show new work for this exhibition.

Christian Awe brings the fundamental figure which is discovered using various techniques, as the artist states that, “Even when painting something figurative, it starts turning into abstract.”  Regarding his new work, he creates multi-tiered space in the painting with the droplets which blurs the boundaries between reality and imagination and is complemented by expressive “splashes of color,” covering the layers below them in rivulets or with apparently spontaneous gestures.

And Sam Francis, father of Shingo Francis and the master of abstract art, the colors painted using the artist’s entire body lives inside the works. Giving color to something invisible, the contrast of colors spreads out infinitely, like if it is giving birth to a new ecosystem in a white land.  If we were to call color, light, space, time, various life-forms, including those invisible things surrounding us “Nature”, their works like that nature enfolds our body. At that time, going beyond the lines drawing the outline of the individual, abstract and figurative, and the boundaries of the viewer and object, we will be feeling that our own selves too are part of the layers configuring the nature.