Lorene Anderson

Artist Statement, Landscape Multiverse

I’m interested in random patterns, networks and self-automating systems and reinforce these explorations by mimicking these concepts in my paint application. I’ve been inspired by rolling, striped fields and landscape of Northern CA where I live, and most recently by the landscape of rural Burgundy, France where I spent a month as an Artist In Residence last summer. A universal theme is macro vs. micro: I explore the relationship of seemingly opposite entities. Literature and mythology, as well as mathematical spatial configurations, cosmology, topology, physics, and their relationship to biology—both plant and animal inform the work. Through painting, I try to find where all of these seemingly disparate interests intersect—what their common denominator is. The striped landscape is language to exploit—to work with and against. The paintings’ stripes mimic landscape, but I use the marks to bend space into a churning composition, referencing multiple spaces, realities, topology, subatomic particles, shifting light, sound waves.